Craft Food, Coffee and Beer

We are a restaurant, tapas bar & events venue, we have live music during dining every weekend, our food is made by passionate chefs using only free range meat and fresh local supply, we have an exclusive and unique selection of premium and craft beers on tap, a wide selection of fine spirits and rare liquors from all over the world.


The iconic Mount Social Club building has been a Restaurant and Bar in Mount Maunganui since the 70’s. In late 2014 it had a full makeover using mostly only recycled and reclaimed building materials & fitted out with a lot funk & upcycled furniture.

We are able to cater for large groups, corporate functions, weddings and music concerts, all with lively, friendly, accommodating and inviting atmosphere.

As Local Business we are committed to reduce the impact of our operation below the industry average, we aim to educate and create awareness by supporting and using organic, free range and sustainable products and practices, we currently recycle all of our glass, cans, plastic and cardboard in partnership with Why Waste and Tauranga City Council we compost all of our organic waste including food scraps, napkins, etc.

We are open 7 days per week from 12pm to 1am and committed to work with our neighbourhood and customers to establish ourselves as positive addition in our community.